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If you're beginning your mentorship journey...

Welcome to Bridge!

In this video we welcome you to Bridge and our program. 

Join our mission

In this video we’ll explain our mission so you can better understand the impact your mentorship will have. 

Join the community

In this video we explain everything about our community, the space where all of our entrepreneurs, mentors and alumni connect and share ideas.

Join the community II

In this document, we explain how to join the community and its’ channels.

If you're beginning the matching phase...

Learn how to use your mentor dashboard

In this video we’ll explain how to use your mentor dashboard. 


Master the matching process

In this video we’ll explain how to send invites to the entrepreneurs you’d like to mentor, rank the projects, and be paired. 

Master the matching process II

In this document, we explain the ‘how’ behind matching as well as tips for the process.

Host Introductory Meetings

In this document, we explain how to host your introductory meeting with entrepreneurs.

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Know about our tools and methodology

In this video we’ll explain the platform with our 8 tools and methodology. 

Host weekly meetings

In this document, we provide you with guidelines on hosting the mentorship meetings.

Hack mentorship

In this document, we give you some tips and tricks on how to be a great mentor.

Communicate with your mentee

In this video we’ll share tools for communication with your mentee. 

Get to know our 8 interactive incubation tools

Learn more about the challenges your mentees will be working on each step of the way. 

Value Proposition

Your Value Proposition is the #1 thing that explains why people would be interested in your offer.

  • Get to the root of the problems you’re trying to solve through The Why Tree activity

  • Identify and group your customers into segments

  • Do customer discovery interviews and research

  • Estimate your market size and build a market opportunity graph

  • Write concrete value proposition statements

Competition Map

Understanding your competitors is essential to finding your spot in the market.

  • Define the attributes that you and other solutions compete on

  • Identify competitors you didn’t know you had

  • See how you stand out among the crowd

  • Discover where you can improve your offering

Stakeholder Map

Starting a company 100% by yourself is almost impossible. Building relationships with your partners, supporters, suppliers and, of course, a great team is key.

  • Identify all different types of partners and collaborators

  • Understand the possible value exchange you can have with each one

  • Decide what you should do in-house and what you should let others do

  • Explore your distribution channel options and choose the best ones

  • Create a map of the ecosystem of partners around your business

Business Model & Marketing

We'll help you understand what business model is right for you and start planning your marketing activities.

  • Learn about different business models

  • See how your business model could (or should) differ per customer segment

  • Use design thinking to choose the best one(s) for you

  • Understand the basics of a marketing funnel and create your own

  • Estimate your cost to acquire a customer

Pricing & Business Viability

Find out if you're leaving money on the table by being too shy with prices, or overcharging and losing business opportunities.

  • Learn about different pricing strategies and choose yours

  • Compare your competitors’ price points and strategies

  • Do customer discovery to understand their willingness to pay

  • Learn and use a pricing methodology to determine a price point

  • Estimate your customers’ lifetime value

Financial Projections

Get a step by step handle on all of your financial needs. We make it easy even if you’re allergic to numbers.

  • Determine the funds you’ll need to launch

  • Project the expenses you’ll have in your first years of operation

  • Plan for the team you’ll need and their salaries as you grow

  • Understand the sales targets you’ll need to reach

  • Account for what it costs you to produce your product or service

Impact Plan

Changing the world we live in? Building an Impact Plan will help you clarify what system you're a part of and how you're trying to influence it.

  • Map the system you work within and the elements that currently govern it

  • Show how you want to change what’s happening within it

  • Craft your mission and vision statements

  • Identify if you are working on any of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Define how you will measure your impact and track results

Growth Plan

Make sure you're spending your time on the right things. Define solid, measurable objectives to align with your team and stay on track.

  • Put your long term goals in writing and draft a plan to reach them

  • Identify your company’s values

  • Determine the KPIs you’ll track overtime (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Set milestones to help you reach your goals Identify and plan for future risks

  • Identify and plan for future risks

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